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Originally Posted by sportcruiser View Post
Hi there,

My name is Andy Magorka living on Glen Robertson rd in Glen Robertson Ontario, (between Cornwall and Hawkesbury) and on Friday June 1st, 2012, he was taken from my driveway I strongly believe. The local animal control told me there are kidnappings in this area.
My dog is an 11-12 year old Schnauzer with cataracs and hard to hear named "Benji". Grey-silver white with a balck tuff of fur on his back. Just shaved and trimmed, spaded. Standard Schnauzer.His weight is 22 lbs. Just groomed short soft hair with a bobcat tail and cropped ears.
He is friendly and may have jumped in a vehicle. I live on 44 acres and he knows the land well but never stays away long. I was out in the garden for 20 minutes before going to work, letting out the dogs when going into the house I noticed Benji was not around, and he always sticks around. I had a bad feeling, I called in sick and searched for 5 hrs, on foot and a 4 wheeler. No luck. Hoping you can help. Attached are pics.
Phone: 613-874-1282

Thanks, Andy
This so sad to hear, I hope you will be able to find dog , are there any wild berry paths around your land? I heard on the news about an old dog that was lost for a few days and could not be found. Some people heard the dog crying, he had gotten trapped in a berry path and could not get out it. My Standard Poodle got stuck in a berry path and the more he pulled to get out the tighter he got stuck. I had to carry my dog out of the path.
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