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Originally Posted by CearaD View Post
Thank you for your responses!

I dont let the kitten near my baby, especially unsupervised. They love each other and usually he is gentle, but lately he has been more hyper (I assume because of his impressive recovery), and I am afraid the baby will be the perfect "prey" lol!

I dont know any families with kittens his age. When we first found him I called shelters, vets, rescues etc and most were full so they suggested I keep him or put him down. I want to keep him as he is still young so I think he can learn. But he doesnt seem interested in other toys. I will keep trying though.
Edit: i got him to attack a small toy lamb but he doesnt actively seek it out. Would bitter cherry spray on my hands and feet work?
There is nothing funny about a baby getting attacked in a face by an animal. A kitten could do a lot harm to baby. My niece was very lucky I saw the cat about to attack her.
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