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Having a kitten that young is definitely a challenge. However, with proper training there is no need to give him up.
If you are concerned with him around the baby then by all means do not allow him near the baby without your supervision. NO animal should be left alone with a baby IMO. Cat OR dog. There have been too many horrific stories out there of what can happen. And not just to the baby.
Now, a few options:
Do you know anyone who has a family of kittens around the same age? Is there any way that your kitten can be with that family until it reaches a more acceptable adoption age? Ideally 10 to 12 weeks of age. That way the other kittens and the mother cat can teach the kitten how to play properly. Being taken from mom that early the kitten has no idea of how it is supposed to play. A mother cat btw would not scruff the kitten if it was playing too hard. In fact you could cause internal bleeding to the kitten if you are too rough or scruff the wrong spot.
If finding an alternative home for the kitten during this time is not feasible then what you need to do is to get some of those wand type toys and some stuffed animals large enough for the kitten to "attack" but small enough that he is able to do so. A couple a little larger than him would work well. Every time the kitten goes to bite your hand, face, etc redirect him to one of the toys. You can use the wand type toy to get him away from your body and get him to the stuffed toy. If you move the toy around as if it were alive he will learn to use it to play with. But it is very important you are consistent. Just as with a puppy the kitten will learn with consistency, time and patience.
There are lots of other things for you to try as well. Just please don't give up on this kitten. There are far too many people around who already do that. If you need help feel free to pm me. I will do what I can to assist.
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