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Originally Posted by CearaD View Post
I recently adopted an orphaned kitten. He is about 4-5 weeks old and just started playing. He is doing really well but he likes to bite hands, feet, anything, and to stalk you and jump on you, mainly your face. I have tried scruffing him like a mother cat would, hissing at him when he does it, or meowing loudly like another kitten would. It helps in the moment but he is back at it the next time he wants to play. I know he is just playing but it hurts, and I have a 5 month old son who would not be very happy getting bitten or scratched. What can I do to break his habit?
I would be very careful about having the cat around your son , the cat might think your baby is a small animal and try to attack him. This almost happen to by sister's baby. Her cat just had kittens and I was watching my niece while she was sleeping on a bed and when I turned around I saw the mother cat was just about take a flying leap on my niece and attack her! You may have to give the kitten up, I don't think that easy to train a kitten to stop biting and it I would would not want a kitten near my baby when it attacking people in the face,.
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