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serenamlambe- Questions on Seizure meds

Hi Serena

Nookie had his first cluster seizure at 2:29 this morning. There are a couple of things really wrong with this. First, he's never had a seizure while sleeping, and second, never had a cluster. He had 1 seizure once at just before 5 am, but he was getting a drink of water at the time. I'm hoping you can help me. I have googled, and read and ugh... got so confused. I know you have Keely on different meds now, and I would love to know which ones she's currently on, and have they stopped/decreased the frequency/severity and has she had any side effects from them?

My worry is that his seizures are progressing. It's been a little over 7 weeks since his last seizure, but each one seems to be gaining in severity. And 2, back to back, just freaked both Shaun and me out, bad. The Valium did eventually pull him out of it, but he's so exhausted today... all he's done is sleep. I know the more seizures they have, the more they will have due to "Kindling", so I think we're at a point that we need to put him on something. When he was on Pheno, he had quite a bit of liver damage just within the first 2-3 weeks (from what I remember... could have been a bit longer) and he's just SO sensitive to everything. If you see this, and can respond, I would greatly appreciate it!


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