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I don't have them yet. African dwarf frogs aren't very colorful, they stay quite small (about an inch and a half), and have absurdly long feet with see through webbing. They breath air, but unlike most frogs never leave the water. They may float on a leaf for a while, but otherwise they stay completely immersed. Not like bullfrogs, where you frequently find them hopping around on land.
The fish store guy said his last order didn't arrive and it would take two weeks for the next one to go through and be shipped. I like his store because he quarantines/medicates new arrivals and I can't remember ever seeing a dead fish in one of his tanks. I could get the frogs from a big chain store I won't name, but in both stores they have here in town every time I go in I see at least one dead fish. I don't think they quarantine either. I'd rather wait and get healthy well cared for critters than be impatient and make my entire tank sick.
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