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Originally Posted by histears View Post
Thanks it is a very hard decision, she's been part of our family for over 5 years now, and my son is attached but, given the circumstances I can't see any other choice. Unfortunately my network of helpers is limitted. Other family members I woun't really trust to give her the proper care she needs, A lot of our friends are as poor as we are and don't want pets anyway. I did contact our local spca for advice, waiting for a reply. Nervous to put her on kijiji and anyone who knows me on face book know what we are doing. Never thought of making a page but, I suppose I could. An adoption fee never thought of that.
Have you asked the vet if they know of anyone that lost a dog and would like an older dog? I know of a couple that got a dog together and when the guy broke up with the woman either one wanted the poor dog and it was going to be send to a shelter. At the last moment the guy told his vet and the vet had a patient that just lost their dog and it was the same breed . So the dog had a happy ending and she got a new home .
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