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Originally Posted by lizw212 View Post
Hi everyone. I need some advice. I should preface this by saying that I never had a cat or any other pet that did not live in a tank/box, and I've never had to put a pet down, so I can't relate to how hard that can be, but...

my roommate's cats (Bob and Sam, around 16 yr old males) are driving me crazy. I've lived with her for almost a year, and during that year on average the cats would pee/puke/vomit (the vomit being from them eating her plants, not illness) somewhere about once a week. I thought it was gross, but she would clean it quickly and after she cleaned it I wouldn't smell anything, so that was fine. Last month it was the peeing that was really bad (Bob would constantly go by the front door). That seems to have stopped, but now its poop. This past week, every day I've woken up to poop near my bedroom door. Today was the worst, with a big poop smear outside my door (I'm guessing from scooting to clean itself), as well as "presents" in about five other places throughout the house. And it smells AWFUL. This is probably why I'm not feeling particularly sympathetic today, but I'm trying.
It mostly happens overnight/early morning, but sometimes during the day as well. Do they make kitty diapers? lol

Sam has had I think 3 UTIs this year, and Bob has several health issues and is on several medications. The last time she took Bob to the vet, the vet said it was time to think about putting Bob down, but my roommate isn't ready to do that yet.

I feel like this:

So I guess I'm asking how to approach my roommate about maybe containing the cats to one area of the house, at least overnight? I know this morning she grumbled to herself that she's tired of cleaning poop, but she doesn't seem to do anything to discipline them or prevent them from going all over the house (last week, Bob peed on her bed/pillow two days in a row, but she continues to let him up on the bed).
Another issue is the smell. The house is really starting to smell bad, but my roommate is sensitive to candles and air-fresheners, so I can't even use those other than in my bedroom. Any suggestions on cleaners or sprays that will get rid of the smell but don't have a scent? The house is owned by my roommate, so I feel weird telling her how to clean her house b/c I'm grossed out by cat feces everywhere, but I am paying to live there and I don't think it's my responsibility to have to clean up after her cats.
My other concern is how much longer Bob will live if she doesn't put him down. She's going on vacation for a week later this month and I'm paranoid that he's going to die while she's gone and I won't know what to do.

I hope my questions didn't offend anyone as that was not my intent; to me all of the vet visits/medication/clean up doesn't seem worth it to have a cat (in fact I had always thought of getting a cat when I had my own place, but this experience has turned me off of ever getting a pet that doesn't live in a tank or a cage), but these cats are her babies, so I'm trying to see her point of view of the situation. I am just afraid I'm going to step in poop one morning and blow up. I also have less than two months left of living with her, so maybe I should just keep my mouth shut and suck it up.

Thoughts, suggestions, etc. extremely welcome!
The first thing you should it get rid of all the plants or put them where the cats can't get to them. They're making the cat sick . is the littler box be cleaned out enough, cats hates to use a dirty littler box. I feel real bad for the cats , they're old and their bodies seem to be be slowly shuting down . You should tell your roommate how you feel about her leaving the cats for a week with you, they're not your responsibility and you should not have clean up after the cats. I don't think it fair to leave the cats for a week when your roommate know how you feel about them. You have a rights to feel the way you do. I hope the cats are not in any pain , your roommate should see if the vet board pets and leave her cats there , this way the cats can get any medical attention they may need when she out of town for a week. If a cat stop drinking or eating it could get an IV right away.
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