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I'm with Hazel. Speak to your vet about incontinence. I believe the little pink estrogen pill is called Stilbestrol (or very close) and it is very inexpensive. I had one of my girls on it for a long time. You use it for about six months or so and then go off it for six months or until they start to leak again. Starts off with one pill a day for a week then one a week. Very cost effective and effective for dogs with incontinence issues, which is what your dog's problem sounds like. Good luck with this. And no, your dog does not understand why you took her bed away. That said, leave her with a towel so you can clean it regularly until you get this resolved and then make sure you get her a new bed. The old one will smell like urine even if you can't smell it and it could be giving her the wrong message.
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