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Originally Posted by Lynn55 View Post
My 2 year old beagle (whom we've had for 1 year, previously she was an outdoor dog at night) won't stop peeing on her bed at night! At first we thought it might be medical, but after a vet visit, she appears to be completely healthy. So we've narrowed it down to a behavior issue.

Every morning when we wake up, her bed is soiled. It's very rare that it's not. We usually let her out around 11:00 or midnight and we are up by 5:30 or 6 am. We've tried taking away her water after supper (which I feel awful about!), taking away her bed as punishment (so she found a towel in our bathroom and made it into a bed...which she peed on), and taking her out at 3 am for a mid-night pee. Nothing has worked. We are at our wits end as we are constantly buying/washing beds and blankets, and our laminate floor is now ruined! We love her dearly and will keep her forever, but we need HELP!
Your dog does not know you took her bed away as a punishment , dogs do not reason like people. I really think it's a health issues , Blackbear idea should to looked into or dog may need a MRI to see if she has any wrong with her bladder, like a tumor , I hope that is not the case
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