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My dog won't stop peeing on her bed!

My 2 year old beagle (whom we've had for 1 year, previously she was an outdoor dog at night) won't stop peeing on her bed at night! At first we thought it might be medical, but after a vet visit, she appears to be completely healthy. So we've narrowed it down to a behavior issue.

Every morning when we wake up, her bed is soiled. It's very rare that it's not. We usually let her out around 11:00 or midnight and we are up by 5:30 or 6 am. We've tried taking away her water after supper (which I feel awful about!), taking away her bed as punishment (so she found a towel in our bathroom and made it into a bed...which she peed on), and taking her out at 3 am for a mid-night pee. Nothing has worked. We are at our wits end as we are constantly buying/washing beds and blankets, and our laminate floor is now ruined! We love her dearly and will keep her forever, but we need HELP!
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