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thank you all for taking the time to offer advice and support.

@ Dog Dancer I feel like a broken shell of myself. I do think the Vet did good, honestly I knew the surgery would not be an option this time around and he did provide us antibiotics for Max for the next 6 weeks ( on and off as I feel necessary. ) He told us to keep it clean and free of debris and hairs but that is proving to be a challenge as Max rarely lets us near it without putting up a strong fuss. ( hes never been a fan of the face cleaning).

@Maxalisa The vet really did not say much during his last visit about the cause of this or why it happened. I told this vet ( as weve moved and he is a new vet) about us having it removed before and he was more shocked about it taking so long to come back. Ive noticed though that having an older dog now the vet I see does not seem to put too much effort or work into discussions with me about the on goings. I find the vet good, compassionate and truly trying to make max comfortable but the general sense I get from his discussions to me is that his life is nearing its end and I should just enjoy him with minimal complications .
You mentioned sodium ascorbate? Is this something that might help his cyst or something that is commonly used in cysts? I am willing to explore any options that are not surgical. My hope was that the vet could drain it or inject it with something to help shrink it down because its fairly large and in such an awkward place on his mouth?

@barkingdog- Max has generally been his old self despite his cyst, of course being an older dog now there is less activity, he tends to sleep more and does not walk a lot in the yard without taking a pause to lay down and enjoy some fresh air but there are all things that have been happening in his age growing and nothing new.
The only thing is that this cyst does annoy him. Even though he eats, drinks, functions fairly normally he does tend to try to rub that side of his face more, especially on the concrete stones in my back yard. Just yesterday he rubbed it enough that it began to bleed fairly moderate in flow and I was in a state of panic. I applied pressure and called the vet and he told me it would stop and with the position of this cyst I can expect things like this to happen. Sure enough the bleeding did stop within 10 minutes and Max was back to his old self. Hes my buddy, we spend all day together and all night.

Thank you all for being so kind to talk me through this. Its truly hard having an older dog. I got Max when I was 20 years old at a garage sale of all places. They had a sign up saying Dog for sale because the apartment was not allowing them to keep dogs. I asked to see him impulsively and they brought out this beautiful 7month old lhaso alpso who immediately jumped up onto my 1 year old son in his stroller and sat directly in his lap. I fell in love with him. They wanted 100 dollars for him and I knew I had only 78 dollars in my bank account. I offered 75. and they took it. I ran to the machine got the money and walked my new dog home.
Ive watched him grow up with my son. Max has been through all the good with us all the bad. Many moves to new places. and he always just adapted to anything we did with ease. Hes my old reliable..
Its been hard, these last two years when the health problems began to increase and his age became more apparent to me. When the heart problems began I truly thought then he was not going to make it but he got through it and with the help of the vet and fortekor it seemed to be ok , he has arthritis too and I see the struggles to walk some days and his activity level decrease. Watching him age has been so hard. As you might have guessed, he is my first dog, these emotions are all new to me and so very hard.
I promised myself he would never suffer, I keep asking the vet to tell me when its time and he has not told me that yet.I know its soon though . I guess I just cant imagine that sweet little dog not being here anymore. I am just such a mess.
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