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Pet Secure Rip off…Not my fault dog is ill…….

:I am glad you only had to use it twice…i got my dog as a pup 8 weeks old.bought pet insurance with Pet Secure….my dog has had numerous problems with his health and today I received a letter from Pet Secure informing me they are reducing the 80% coverage to 60%…it is in fine print in the brochure ..They do not reduce the premium as a matter of fact they increase it due to inflation…If you read all the adverts on it …it's protect your dog for life…and was told when I purchased it …oh get the premium coverage because he is a pup….so it's the luck of the draw I have a dog that has been very ill and we have just now found out he has a bowel disease and will be treated with meds and strict diet…so if my dog needs to go to the Dr. it will cost me an additional 20% more out of my pocket plus the top premium cost…..does that seem fair?
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