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Originally Posted by Visalia12 View Post
I have a year old visalia male. He started have problems when he was about 10 months old. He will be perfectly fine walking around and playing and the next minute he is on the ground screaming his muscles will be flexed through his entire bodie. He usually pees on himself during the episode as well. Afterwards I can get him to walk but he is hunched up and acts like he is in a lot of pain (he is very sensitive about everything). A few hours later or the next day he is completely fine. The vet has done every type of blood work and urine analysis possible and everything comes back good. He doesn't show any signs of pain when the vet flexes his legs or neck. Then this morning he couldnt stand up. I had to stand him up and he could walk but he was kind of limping on his right leg and he was shaking the whole time. While he walked his back legs would give out and he would collapse. He currently won't stand up and if I go up to I'm to pet him he will start shaking. Does anyone have any ideas as to what could be wrong?
I found this web site that said Epilepsy is comment in vizslas
I am sorry to hear your dog is not going well.
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