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My Theo had demodex at 8 weeks. However he had a compromised immune system because he was just getting over the parvo virus. My vet treated him with ivermectin with no issues. However your vet should answer all these questions for you. There is also a shampoo you can use, it is called pyoben, it works really well and gets rid of the little tiny sores that are sometimes associate with demodex they are called pustules. Usually antibiotics are used to treat the secondary infection. (usually by Staphylococcus) All dogs have demodex mites but in healthy dogs, their immune system keeps them in check. Dogs that get full blown demodex usually (not always) have a suppressed immune system. This advice was already given but DO NOT vaccinate your pup until all this clears up. Vaccines suppress the immune system. I'd take him back to the vet if its not clearing up and try that shampoo it works wonders. You have to wet the pup, apply the shampoo (not around the eyes or mouth) and leave it on for 5-10 minutes. You can do that every couple of days. Stops the itching and gives the pup much need relief. Good luck, keep us posted. Also mentioned is a probiotic. In Canada there is one called FortiFlora. Here is the info on it:

FortiFlora is a nutritional supplement for dogs and has been formulated to achieve the following characteristics:
Contains a special strain of probiotic that has been proven to promote intestinal health and balance
Contains a guaranteed amount of live active cultures
Promotes a healthy immune system
Contains high levels of antioxidant Vitamins A, E, and C
Excellent palatability

How does FortiFlora work?
FortiFlora may help nutritionally manage dogs with diarrhea in many situations, including:
Stressful situations such as boarding or change in home environment
Diet change or consumption of inappropriate foods
Soft stool in puppies
Antibiotic therapy

You just sprinkle it on the food and mix it in. (use with canned food)
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