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3 little boys! OMG Madame X is in for a busy season with boys! She stayed true to her previous behaviour attacking the interlopers in her nest!

Sheraton falcon chicks get their bands

MADAME X Madame X takes aim at a volunteer climber gathering her chicks.
Steph Crosier/The Hamilton Spectator
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Ministry and local rock climbers approach nest downtown at Sheraton Hotel
.Peregrine falcon chicks on the Sheraton hotel were banded Thursday so naturalists and conservation officers can track the threatened species.

Rock climber Brian Thomas rappelled from the top of the Sheraton Hotel to gather the three chicks while their mother, Madame X, put on a full assault.

Madame X was driving so close she even caught the back of Thomas’s shirt and ripped it leaving six holes and a small scratch.

“She’s be far the most ‘active’” laughed Thomas comparing her to the other mothers in the area.

Madame X has three little boys. All of them were healthy and Anne Yagi, management biologist for the Ministry of Natural Resources, was pleased.

The birds are 26 days old and were named after local water falls in the Hamilton area; Beckett, Felker, and Tiffany.
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