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Originally Posted by Terrie View Post
Thank you Sandi

I will try this, I keep forgetting he's a pup, he's the size of my other GSD when he was full grown. He is smart as a whip, when we walk him, he jumps over park benches, and jumps over obstacles, so we keep him going, he's pretty tuckered out when he gets home In the house, it's soft play, with his toys, not ruff housing, that's for outside, I will do the ignore thing with him and i'm sure you are right, he will outgrow it, he has owngrown chewing my furniture. Tobasco sauce helped but he's getting better. I guess like I stated earlier, I treat him like a pet/family and dangit, i have 5 long teeth marks on my body that were bleeding so, I was hurt, angry, etc... I'm Not a quitter, although he's a challenge, he will end up being as good as my other GSD
Here is a pic of him.
Terrie, I'm sure that later you'll look back on this dog's puppy days and wonder at how much he's changed, for the better. My sister thinks you may have just startled him when you touched him from behind, she said the working dog line pups are sharper and do react more. She has obedience trained and tracked with two , shall we say, ordinary GSD's, but finds her current working line pup to be a real challenge. So much faster, more co-ordinated, more intelligent, so she is doing extraordinarily well at obedience for her age. I wish you luck with the dog and do keep us posted. If you'd like to discuss any problems with my sister via email, please send me a pm. She and I both have shelties too incidentally, so I couldn't help wondering how you found yours, was it noisy?
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