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Originally Posted by marko View Post
Let's keep this civil and more polite please, that's the best way to teach and learn.

My opinion on this would be the same as what's being offered. The RAW food has nothing to do with aggression.

The aggression issue should be dealt with primarily through additional training from a referred trainer that has lots of experience. You need to clearly establish (in your dog's mind) that you are the leader. Your body language, and making the dog 'work' for stuff can help.

here are 2 articles that may help. Good luck and please keep us updated.
I was told by a dog trainer to never let your dog walk ahead of you when going in or out of a door. The dog should be told to sit and wait while you put it leash on and the owner walk out of the door first to let the dog know who is the leader. When I first brought my new dog home he was very mouthy and my vet told me to push my dog away and turn my back on him when he got mouthy with me. Marty got the message fast.
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