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Oh no worries...this darn thread has been going on for way too long! Ugh..

There is a small part of me that still doesn't believe it is the food. All this time, all these changes (albeit slow changes) and the reactions don't seem to correlate accurately. It just doesn't make sense. I'll try something, get a reaction, wait, try again, no reaction. And why would she be fine on Iams for years and then suddenly now she can't eat it? And this all happens at the same time she moves to a new home. Too many coincidences I think. I've tried to remove all environmental allergens. There has been no change from summer to fall to winter to now spring. I changed beds, and bed materials. I changed soaps to just plain washing soda and baking soda. I tried shampooing the carpet. I tried three different dog shampoos. None of these changes made any difference that I could definitely pinpoint. Really, the only thing I can really pinpoint as making a difference would be the topical apple cider vinegar applications which made a huge, huge difference. Bah...I don't know what to do...
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