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We tried the PC Nutrition First a while ago. Bought a small bag of the chicken and a small bag of the Lamb - they were on sale. My dog has an iron stomach and can eat anything, anytime.

This food gave her the nastiest farts I've ever encountered. Both the Chicken and the Lamb. My neighbor tried it as well and said the same thing (and she feeds Iams...for comparison)

My dog turned her nose up at both flavours within a few days as well.

Kirkland (Chicken or Lamb) works well, is comparably priced, etc. We also use TLC (order online) and occasionally Acana in the rotation. She does best on either the TLC or the Kirkland Chicken, a close second on the Kirkland Lamb, and a close third on the Acana Wild Prairie. She's tried Merrick and Canidae as well in the past but they both made "extra large prizes" in the backyard so we stopped those.

Also note Breeders often have a health guarantee because they get a % of the food you buy back - see TLC's business model. Hence we set up a new account with TLC under my wife's name and WE get the kickback.....not the breeder (she didn't tie her guarantee to it, but fed it and strongly recommended it...)
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