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My cat Lycan (I have a thread posted on here somewhere) has develeoped rear leg weakness and muscle spasms. He's constantly stretching out his back legs like they are bothering him, and the muscle spasms include almost his whole body. Other than that, he seems fine. He is eating and drinking, and playing. He just seems more tired now, and has to take breaks for his legs. The vet did a bunch of tests, including a Neurological exam, and nothing has shown up to be wrong. The Neurologist says that it's probably FIP. But he has nothing to back up that information - it's just a guess based on the fact that he doesn't have anything else wrong with him. He told me the next step would be to do a Spinal Tap which is very dangerous, and life-threatening. I do not want to do this to my cat and risk his life - what if he doesn't have this fatal disease?! I've been looking everywhere online for information, and there are so many possibilities. I'm at a loss. He also likes to lick and eat things that are not edible. I'm going to try and change his food to wet, and maybe change his litter to pine. Does anyone have any further suggestions? Here is a link to the spasms he is having:
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