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Lisa, the supporting nutrients is the Platinum Performance, and I do spray the rash with ACV solution when it flares. The ACV makes a big difference. I am attempting to take out the offending foods, but I don't know what they are. There is no improvement going from Acana Wild Prairie to homemade turkey, lentils, peas, carrots. I've given Roxy carrots before and she didn't seem to have any reaction, so I thought that was safe. Starting tomorrow Roxy will only get turkey and lentils.

Thanks Growler, that's the plan! If there is still a reaction to the turkey and lentils I will swap out the turkey. Sensitivity to lentils seems more unlikely than turkey. Honestly, I think it is the turkey although Roxy has had reactions to kibbles based on lamb, fish, and chicken. So is it the protein source or something else? In the past fish seemed like an "obvious" issue when I added Fish Oil to her food. I've changed kibbles to ingredients that were completely different from eachother, and gained nothing. It's quite possible there are many ingredients she has an issue with. The home I adopted her from (through a rescue) fed her Iams, and she seemed to be fine then. I've switched her back to Iams with definite improvement, but not 100%. Leads me to think that it is the chicken (and possibly turkey too since they are close) since Iams likely has little chicken, but still has some. Makes sense to me...???
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