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Sorry to repeat questions....

Hi! My 18-year old cat - Zero - was diagnosed with CRF a couple of weeks ago. The diagnosis was made more on conjecture by the vet than on actual tests. Nevertheless, I've done tons of research and am totally obsessed with making sure she gets everything she needs. My biggest problem right now is trying to find a food she can eat. She also has IBD and can't eat anything with grains, guar gum, carageenan or tapioca. So far, the only food we (the 2 cats and I) can agree on is Nature's Variety Instinct, of which they will only eat the chicken and the duck. I'm worried about the level of phosphorus in this, but can't find anything to replace it with. I initially brought her to the vet because she had lost quite a bit of weight and suddenly looked "scraggly", and I've started giving her small amounts of the Nature's Variety, baby food, and/or cooked chicken every few hours. She has gained some of the weight back, but I'm afraid that continuing with this food may be making her kidneys worse. One day she'll look really good, then the next she looks like she won't last another hour. I am open to any and all ideas because my friends are tired of listening to my worries and the constant vigilance and fear are really wearing me down. Thanks so much....
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