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Originally Posted by Goldfields View Post
Kasianni, Silk had hardly a crystal in her urine either but had huge stones, see below.One more was sent away for analysis. The vet didn't find them by palpation. An x ray would be a way to eliminate the possibility of stones. ( By the way, I tend to tell the vet when I want x rays. LOL. They probably think I'm a bit of a pain. ) Are you still seeing blood in her urine?
Barkingdog, sorry about your loss and of course talk about your dog, I think Aide dogs are very special, you must have had a strong bond with it. So sad!
I tell them too when I want x rays hehehe. Mika had one infection last year, had x-rays etc done and there was nothing so this time I thought to wait a few days. They were at the vet 2 weeks ago for annuals etc, cost me 500+. I am not working right now as I just finished my chemo in March so I am watching what I spend. Of course, if anything should arise she will get the vet care she needs, I am just watching things at the moment. I saw the blood on Saturday, yesterday it was clear and today its very very clear pee, I have been making sure she drinks a lot (gave her water but added the water from a can of tuna) and she had been drinking lots to flush things. No blood today or yesterday. Did silk have lots of blood in the urine?? I am not sure now what to do, thinking x-ray might be good but if there is no blood is it necessary??
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