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you are lucky you have a vet who is up on it..... I have a high percentage F2 Savannah.... I have taken about a dozen bloody poops in to be tested, and have taken her in since I had her 3 days, saying something is wrong.... she will not eat! Always a fecal float.... which will not show it up. Finally I brought 3 bloody poops in, all within 12 hours.... he put her under to do a biopsey of egc in her mouth.... she was out cold. He picked her up and poop ran out all over his pants. Later, he said she had geardia.... showed me the quickly dying things.... we treated her for a few days. Then he called and said it was a very "rare thing" tritrich, that he has only found 1 time in 35 years. (he was not looking in the right place!) I have a lot of savannah breeder friends and between them and learning ALL that I could on it, I knew we had to treat her. He said it would be gone in 2 years.... I have 6 cats, and told him this is not an option. I went to work educating him and myself. I just got the meds for all 6 cats, today. I look forward to having some healthy cats, although 5 of the 6 show no symptoms. By now, I have over $10,000.00 in my Kaya!
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