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Originally Posted by Barkingdog View Post
I can the spasms more when he it awake. People are talking in the back ground so I have no idea if your cat is crying. He seem to closes his eyes when he does some spasms . Is there any toxic fumes around your house . House cleaning products can be very toxic to cats and dogs. Where did the boxes come from that cat is lying on? What where they used for?
Yeah, the tv was on. He isn't making any sounds though. He stays quiet. I keep all cleaners in my bathroom cupboard, and have recently changed to more natural substitutes for cleaning because I got paranoid about toxins. I pretty much use vinegar for most things now. I don't use anything in the toilet because he tries to drink out of it, and I wash out my shower after I take a shower. So I don't know what he could be getting into. The boxes are from my work. They had movies in them.
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