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Originally Posted by Kasianni View Post
Took Miss Mika to the vets this evening. This morning when she got up she was peeing and it had lots of blood in it. Vet did urine analysis and showed no infection, kidneys working fine, but had high protein which indicates inflammation. Gave me some antibiotics to give orally and metacam for the inflammation. I don't understand what it could be anyone ever experience this??
Mika was at the vets two weeks ago for her annual, and heartworm test and had a sore on her two and received an injection of antibiotics. I don't get how there is blood and everything looked fine. If not cleared up in 10 days, she will have an x-ray and blood test. Any idea's?
Yes I have. I had Standard Poodle who was my hearing dog and he started to smell strange and a few days later when he took a pee the snow turned bright red! My heart broke! My dog had a x ray and it was tumor in his kidney and he had a biopsy and the news was not good! My dog was not able to eat anymore and the cancer could had spread. I had to put my beloved dog and best friend down. I hope your dog does not have the same thing. I miss my dog terribly and I hope people will not mind me writing about him from time to time.
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