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Originally Posted by Goldfields View Post
How old? What breed? What size? Is she spayed? If there was any sign of her peeing not being normal in some way I'd say take her back for an x-ray now. She could have bladder stones. With my Silk it was small pieces flaking off a huge stone that were digging in as she tried to pass them, causing bleeding.
Mika is 5 and she is a Dachshund. Weighs 13 pounds and yes she was spayed at 6 months old. Well everything seems normal, except of course for the blood. Vet said if not better in 10 days with the metacam and clavaseptin then he would do x-rays to look for stones. Her urine didn't even have crystals in it, very odd. Mika has one infection in her life and that was last year, almost to the day. My vet didn't feel anything in the bladder when he checked her either.
Are there other signs to look for?
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