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Originally Posted by woofendog View Post
Thanks for the kind comments. I had a lot of help from the people I previously mentioned. When the owner appeared, she mentioned that this was not the first time that this has happened. For a pet that you love, I would spend a few extra bucks on the micro-chip. This had to be a very expensive dog. The medallion can fall off. The owner actually claimed that there was a medallion on the collar. We managed to keep our woofendog alive for twenty years and he never got loose. I will question whether our found dog report to Longueuil Police was forwarded to the Service Amalier group. This would have helped. Thanks.
I found a lab in my driveway once and the dog collar had a tag with a phone # on it. I was able to reach the babysitter and she told me this was the second time the dog escaped under the fence. I am able to reunite the dog with her famliy within a hour. I also found another dog that got lost and ended up in my driveway. I live in a condo and no one else tried to help either dog. The dog did have a name and phone # after making few phone calls I reached the owner. I was upset that done of my neighbors took the time to see if the dogs needed help. I think having a dog microchip is the best way to go, a dog could lose it collar and there would be no way to reach it owner.
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