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My cat is having constant spasms!

My cat is having spasms constantly. His whole body seems to be affected. He is only 1! It's been a month now, and no one knows what is going on. He is still eating/drinking/using the litter box/playing, but every time he lies down, he is bothered by spasms! He is experiencing random bolts of energy accompanied with frustrated cries, and he purrs too often, which worries me that he is in a lot of pain. He has had blood work and x-rays, but nothing has shown up as abnormal.

He is currently on medication for Epilepsy, but it is not helping at all. I think in fact, he has become worse. The spasms started in his back legs, and now his whole body is involved. He walks stiff legged, as if he does not want to bend his back legs - he also sleeps with all four legs stretched away from his body.

When he is playing, he lies down every few minutes to rest, and he often pauses to stretch his hind legs. He is having a hard time using his back legs - they tend to slip out from beneath him when he's running, jumping, or climbing. His eyes are a bit watery, and he tends to close his left one quite often. He has a weird look in his eyes like he's confused or upset.

He may be throwing up/or having bowel issues - I have found spots on the floor and have been unable to determine if it's vomit or feces, (it may belong to one of my other cats. I am uncertain because I have not seen any of them throw up).

I am terrified that he is crying out in pain, and waiting for me to help him, and wondering why I'm not. I'm also horrified that he is slowly dying, and all I'm doing is watching him, because no one seems to be able to help him! I'm so worried and sick over this!

And just so you know, he is an indoor cat. Here is a video, showing the spasms that he has (awake or asleep).
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