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Originally Posted by woofendog View Post
Found this young male dog wandering along Milan Boulevard early this morning. Neighbors report he has been in the area since last evening. Very friendly. The picture was taken after we gave him a bath. He hardly moved in the bath tub and by the way he wants to be picked up, this has to be someone's pet. He has been fed and is now being kept on our back deck. Have made report to Longueuil Police, CJAD 800, and SPCA Monteregie. Will take him to local vet hoping for a microchip. Had two collars in place but no identification. If we are unable to find his owners then we will contact a resuce group. Thanks.
How sad that no one has reported the dog missing yet. Could you post some photos at some local veterinaries office too? I am reading a book called 'Roam'
it about a dog that been lost for 9 years and this sad to read . I am glad there are people like you that took the time to help the dog.
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