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Originally Posted by Rgeurts View Post
We had the same issue with our Thorin (MalxGSD) his entire life. It could be food allergies/sensitivities, but in Thorin's case it was Colitis. It wasn't diagnosed until he was 9 yrs old. Once we got the diagnosis and some tips from the vet, he never had an issue with it again. They recommended we give him a probiotic (Forti-Flora here in Canada). Also he was fed morning and night, the had a midday snack and a snack before bed (usually yogurt and a few treats/kibble). The vet said the key was to make sure he never had an "empty" tummy because it gives the stomach acid a chance to do it's thing. I hope you get things figured out!
Don't you love Forti-Flora!! Works so well. I give mine yogurt too they love it. (if anyone does give yogurt, has to be the regular one, not the one with a sweetener like aspartame.)
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