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Little Miss 'Hold It' -- please help with difficult housetraining challenge!

I'm new to this forum, so hi everyone. I'd really appreciate any advice you may have here! I've fallen for a four year old rescue dog, a terrier mutt, that lived her whole life in horrific puppy mill conditions. She's mild tempered and sweet, and she's waiting in a rescue shelter for a home. I'm moving into a dog-friendly home the end of June. I really want to get her BUT the people at the shelter have warned me, the dog can't seem to be housetrained, and in fact, will 'hold it' on walks, even for hours, but then she'll do her business as soon as she gets back inside. They say she then cringes with shame about the business she's made.
I don't think it's impossible to housetrain her, but am I naive?! I'm researching and talking to people about housetraining, and I'd love to hear if anyone can give me advice, or has heard of something like this before.
Many many thanks in advance!
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