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Kirsten, I'm so sorry your sweet boy (and you!) are troubled by this. You said you have a video... is it uploaded somewhere? It could be a type of seizure. Nookie does what you're describing. Most of the time, they're just dreams. But we're quite sure that sometimes they're a neurological event of some sort. There are several types of seizures. Nookie has grand mals and pretty severe neurological issues. When you wake him, does he wake up completely? Is it hard to wake him (takes several seconds of shaking etc)? The pacing/whining is what Nookie does after a seizure, even once he's had the Valium. I recently read that it is due to a drop in the blood sugar levels and to give them a tablespoon of Haagen Daz Vanilla Ice cream (it has no preservatives and there's something about the way it's made that stabilizes the blood sugar fast). I haven't tried it for Nookie yet, because (thankfully!) he hasn't had a seizure since I read that. If you have a link to the video, I'll take a look at it
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