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Originally Posted by Kirsten145741 View Post
How can I be sure? Are there signs to indicate either or?
He only has them at night--never during his naps in the day time. If I don't wake him up he eventually stops and continues on with his sleep. I just wish I was more confident in this new vet...I'm thinking about calling the vet off on baby leave at home. She really is a great vet--she even called my mother on Christmas Day to find out how her cat was doing as they had to take him in a few days before--THAT's a GREAT VET! But I'm wondering what others think before I bother her at home....
You can do a search on you tube for dog seizures. I am warning you in advance, they are very graphic and upsetting to watch. That way you can get an idea of what they look like.. (My little guy has then sadly but not violent once like some I have seen) ALSO, do a search for dog nightmare video's so you can see what other experience as well and see if that is what you are dealing with. Your vet sounds great! Personally, I'd bother her at home lol
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