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Doggy Nightmares

I'm wondering if anyone else has an issue with their dogs having nightmares. Our poor 16 month old Crosby has what seems like violent nightmares about twice a week. He sleeps on the end of our bed and he'll start whining and barking in his sleep (something he NEVER does when awake). He of course wakes us up startled. If I wake Crosby up during his nightmares he's up pacing and whining for at least an hour. Like he's looking for or worried about what he just had in his night mare. He also shakes violently during these nightmares-almost like a seizure. And all 96 pounds of him shaking feels like an earth quake in the middle of the night!
During the day, during thunderstorms, or any other times he is the happiest pup out there and it really concerns us that maybe something in his diet should be changed. Or maybe something else?
Any dog psychologists out there?
It should also be mentioned that Crosby came to us at 12 weeks from a rescue organization--I often wonder if his nightmares are to do with something he went through before we rescued him---of course that makes me just want to
It has gotten so bad that I've taken him to the vet--unfortunately our regular vet went and had a baby (the nerve!) and I am not super overjoyed by her replacement--I videotaped a really bad nightmare and tried to show it to her--she didn't want to see it and just said there's nothing wrong
Any thoughts or suggestions? Thank you!
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