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How do you do it? Quality canned food with multiple pets.

I am in the process of switching all our fur kids over to canned.
To date - 5 of our 6 cats dive into the canned with gusto. We are still working with the last holdout. Also our dogs are getting canned along with some kibble.

I am wondering how to make it at least somewhat affordable feeding quality foods to multiple critters?

Right now we are feeding canned Wysong duck, chicken and turkey and True North Lamb. Wysong Pheasant kibble. I have spoken with the guys over at MetroPet and will be working to introduce other brands of food as well so as not to get stuck in one pet food philosophy.

We tried Evangers chicken - they turned their noses up at that so we took the remainder back and exchanged it for what they will eat.

The food bill over the last 3 weeks is pushing $300 and that is with 5% off buying cases of food.

I am wondering about using a mix of less expensive food such as Iams along with the ones listed above to try to bring the cost down a little. As it is, we have put more into critter food than our own groceries over the last few weeks. Ugg.

I will say that making the change has let to big improvements over the time we have been making the change. They all look better - skin and coat, seem to have more energy, are a little less prone to begging at human supper time and a positive change at the litter box and water dish.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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