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She would have an absolute ball with the pack, Hazel. She stalks/creeps like a strong eyed Kelpie and would freeze like a Setter ..... what's wrong with her? She should go in all guns blazin' , biting like a cattle dog. Here is one at dusk when I was counting sheep(just in case anything was tangled up in baling twine), she's more interested in me than that ewe watching her. Susie would have been trying to bite through the wire(I didn't call her 'Susie Scissorteeth' for nothing, and we did have to repair an almost cattle dog size hole in the fence because of her)) while Perkins would have a Kong in his mouth and be spinning madly, chomping the heck out of it seeing he couldn't reach the sheep. Speaking of sheep, I am getting closer to culling some ewes and this one, added two more of her, is definitely a stayer. She lost her lamb to arthritis last year but I'll vaccinate against it next lambing. She loves me to pat and massage her head, very friendly, but more importantly, no wool around her rear end to get wet and dirty, then fly struck.
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