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Originally Posted by Longblades View Post
Thanks Rgeurts, none of those is on my list to check yet. I am lucky, we have no issues, can go cold turkey from grain free to grain or whatever. All I want to do is rotate main proteins and fillers, reasoning/hoping that chicken might not be fed/vaccinated the same crap as lamb or fish. Ditto corn, oats and potato.
LoL, wish I could say the same! Seems like all we've had is issues when it comes to feeding Nookie, which is the reason for all the research into the different foods. All 3 I had linked are free from corn/wheat and only use quality grains. Also, the fish in all 3 products are wild caught, so hormone and antibiotic free (no farmed fish). The Honest Kitchen is also a great food, though it isn't a kibble. But everything they make is antibiotic/hormone free and they use organic and free trade when it comes to the fruits/veggies/grains. Preference is what we use, it's just fruit/veggies and you add your own protein. I bake wild Alaskan/Pacific Salmon every week, then freeze for individual meals and add it to his Honest kitchen. That's what Nookies main diet has been for over a year and a half now. It's the only food he hasn't been sick on. This is the link if you're interested:
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