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Thanks Rgeurts, none of those is on my list to check yet. I am lucky, we have no issues, can go cold turkey from grain free to grain or whatever. All I want to do is rotate main proteins and fillers, reasoning/hoping that chicken might not be fed/vaccinated the same crap as lamb or fish. Ditto corn, oats and potato.

ETA: Hmmm most either mix the main proteins or they are too low in protein and fat for us. I want to stay with around 26% protein and 16% fat as it seems to work very well and no point messing where I don't have to. The Horizon Pulsar Fish is a candidate for us but I think they have made a mistake on their website, giving two different number for Kcal ME/kg. I think the 410 number might be meant to be Kcal/cup, which would be good for us. I've emailed them.

Thanks again.

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