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Longblades, here are a few links for ya:

The Ocean Fish is what we were looking at, but the ingredients on the website and the ingredients on the bag were very different. The old list on the website had listed fish as the first 2, but the bag now shows potato, as does the website. All their grain-free list potato first. Now it could be fresh potato, which after being dehydrated would place it farther down the list and would be fine, but I didn't care enough to contact them as I found the Addiction line. First Mate looks good and has never had any recall issues (voluntary or mandatory). The grain foods look pretty good, but Nookie can't have oats or barley, so it eliminates that choice.

This line looks pretty amazing. I really wanted to try it for Nookie, but every single food in all 4 lines have egg in them, and he's allergic to chicken. If they ever change it, we'll be giving it a try. The thing I loved about this food is that it has dried enterococcus as one of the probiotics, which Nookie really needs and the minerals are all chelated. It's unfortunate that we can't try it.

These guys have great food if you have allergy issues, which we do. The ingredients in the Salmon Bleu are very limited and Nookie does well with it, for the most part. The one thing I don't like is it has no pro or prebiotics, so we have to supplement him with Forti-Flora, and not all the minerals are chelated. The zinc sulphate is questionable for dogs with a senstive tummy, and he does get a little gassy on occassion with it. I would prefer to see zinc proteinate. Hopefully they will improve on that. But it's still a great food.

All three of the foods above have their own dedicated facilities, so safer than mass production and probably higher standards. They also use no ingredients from China.
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