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Well now that it's back and I've seen it I think it should disappear again. Blatant advertising for **** and **** is what I see. Along with statements not backed up by any data. Not to mention the recalled companies on the list. And I see what you mean about the spelling and grammar.

Love the black Lab with the green collar in the video though. I put a green collar on my black Lab.

I do rotate 3 dog foods, different companies. My TOTW is not on the recall list but I am antsy about it. I've looked up some alternatives and, darn, now some of those are on the list too. The brands, not the flavours, but using them would be akin to staying with my TOTW.

I was not really happy with my TOTW anyway as it was the most expensive food I used and it cost me even more than a strict bag to bag cost comparison because I had to use more of it, due to it's low Kcal/cup count.

From the rest of you who have commented here I now have a couple of othres to check out so thank you for that.
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