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possible switch from horizon legacy


I've been feeding my cat horizon legacy for about 2 years now (she also eats wellness canned). I like that it's grain-free, and relatively inexpensive for a grain-free food. however, lately I've been having major problems finding it. I live in toronto, and all of the retailers near me have stopped carrying it. I have to make a special trip across town to get it from particular places. I emailed horizon and they said because they are a small company, they can't put a lot of resources into marketing and training for store employees, so people just aren't buying it. I understand this and I respect the fact that they're a small business with a good product, but at the same time, I need to be able to find it on the shelf when I need it. also, if so many retailers have stopped carrying it, I think there's a possibility it could be discontinued eventually, as their dog line seems to be much more popular.

so my question is, if I was going to switch to a different grain-free food, what should it be? I understand I'll probably have to pay more, but honestly, the convenience is worth it to me.
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