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Originally Posted by Kasianni View Post
Would someone kindly explain to me why people take the time to search the internet, join groups, ask questions when its just so obvious that their fur kids are suffering and in need of a vet. I am sorry but it angers me so much. Sure we all have asked questions, asked for advice, but if your animal is having labored breathing and can not stand up is it not obvious what needs to be done? sad!
It can definitely be frustrating to read, but you have to remember that not everyone thinks alike.

Not saying the following is a reason for the OP, but here are a couple common reasons that people don't seek veterinary care:

Money is often an issue for many people. You might say, why own a pet if you can't afford a vet visit? Well, many people can't afford health care for themselves or even their children either, and they keep on living. At the worst end of it, there are many pets in the hands of very poor people where the pets really are lucky just to have someone pet them and give them an occasional bite to eat. Like people, not all pets are born or adopted into loving, caring homes. Sometimes these homes really are loving and caring, but money has to go to feed the humans first. You think the animal rescues are overwhelmed now? If all the unlucky pets in North America were put into animal rescues, boy would we have a problem.

Another reason is that within many social/religious/ethnic groups animals aren't perceived to be of much significance. This is hard for an animal lover to understand, but there are a lot of people like this in the world.

For every pet that is suffering, there are people suffering too. That is a fact of life as we know it. Kiss your own furbabies and know that they are very lucky to be owned by an animal lover, and remember that you are also very lucky to be in a position to provide that loving home for your pets. for those humans and animals that aren't.
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