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Originally Posted by tenderfoot View Post
Dogs do what works and when it works they do it more - just like kids. Unfortunately many people don't see how they are rewarding their dogs for poor manners. Just looking at a dog when he whines can reinforce whining - it got the persons attention -it worked so now they whine more.
Parents, adults and teachers lead the way to learning for children - just like we lead the way for our animals so we can all live in harmony. And because animals all speak the same language it is so important that humans pay more attention over all. There are so many opportunities to teach, to learn and to understand each other. Unfortunately many people are so busy with life they forget to pay attention to the little things. We have learned through our work with dogs, cats, horses and birds that everything you do matters and while it isn't always a competition to rise to the top it is about maintaining clear communication based on love, trust and respect, and yes we believe someone should be the decision maker, just like someone needs to lead children to become good members of society.
I totally agree with this
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