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Originally Posted by Goldfields View Post
Sometimes these debates make me think of how children aren't allowed to be punished nowadays, the world is not a better place because of it. Many children are growing up with no respect for others.
Originally Posted by millitntanimist View Post
Your last statement is a little too much. Positive punishment is statistically the the slowest and worst way to change behavior, and has nothing to do with the "state" of today's youth. A good example of positive punishment (something that occurs after a behavior that is intended to decrease it) is a speeding ticket. How many people get 1 speeding ticket (or even 50 speeding tickets) and never speed again? Exactly. That's how effective positive punishment is.
As for the training and alpha issues, I can barely manage my Nookie, so I have no comments on any of that. But I do have to say I agree, wholeheartedly, with GF on this one.
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