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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
Have you had the vet check him for tick-borne diseases, bethymeww? Not sure what all is endemic in your area, but here we have Lyme's and anaplasmosis pirmarily, and excessive sleeping is one of the first symptoms we see when the dogs contract one of the tick diseases. Worth a check, anyway. Bloodwork might also be helpful--sometimes the affect of these diseases on the marrow can be seen in a complete blood count when the test (which can miss up to 30% of the active cases) shows nothing...
I have not got him tested to that. I think I need to find a new vet because ours was not the most helpful when I mentioned he sleeps a lot. Definitely worth the check. Thank you.

I was also thinking about getting him x-rays because I know pointers can have issues with their back legs and such but since he gets around so well outside I was not sure if that would be something that would make him sleepy when he is inside but get around fine outdoors.
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