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Rgeurts, thanks for this info. Halo eats TOTW Sierra Mountain...I can't remember, the lamb based line. I checked the recall list and so far the bag I have isn't on it, and she's fine.

I was looking at the ingredients that you listed for your food and it has chicken fat - Halo is very chicken sensitive and reacts to poultry fats! The vet had told me that wouldn't happen, but it does for us. Darn.

Serenalamb, sorry Keely was sick with this. Glad to hear she's doing better though.

I buy my dog food from a small independant pet store, I like to try to support the local merchants. At first he didn't carry my brand, but when I asked him to bring it in for me he did. Sometimes you just need to ask and if possible they will accommodate you. At first he didn't carry any and only ordered it when I asked for it, now he has a full stock of the TOTW. Oops, I'm going to have to change brands I guess. Halo also had a problem with the higher protein products, she's just too lazy for so much protein I guess.
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