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Blood in kitten poo?

Hello there,

I just rescued a kitten last night from a cardboard box on the street. I am guessing it is about 5 weeks, but am unable to tell for sure. The kitten was with a litter that seemed to be well fed but I do not know if it has been consuming Mother's milk or something else. I bought Wellness brand canned kitten food, which the kitten devoured the instant it was put in front of them. He/she pooped this morning and it was stinky and wet, and after a strain or two, it let out a small glob of what looked like blood. It was not extremely dark or bright but a medium color. I have to work today and cannot get into the vet until tomorrow. I'm wondering if I should be concerned at this point, or if it is just a natural adjustment to the new food and will sort itself out. Any comments / tips would be much appreciated! I don't want this little guy to be in too much discomfort...

Thank you.
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