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puppy nipping legs

Thanks so much for your reply. Yes. I believe you are right regarding walk vs play time. For the last couple of days my husband and I have been playing fetch with her in the yard - she is tireless when it comes to play - however, when she slows down a bit we resort to less active play. At these times she is no problem.

The reason for the" walk" is the actual walk to the beach across the road. We have a long driveway and then there is a short trail to the lake - her favourite destination. Once there she is pre-occupied and is fine. However, sometimes on the way down she gets excited and starts nipping at my ankle and pulling at my pant leg. I REALLY like your idea about observing the behaviour and catching it before it happens .. not always easy to do, but certainly more effective.

My dog's Vet suggested the "yelp & ignore" and then if it doesn't work to isolate her for a few minutes, letting her associate the behaviour with the consequence.

Well keep trying
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